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WebFaculty 2.5 Features

Webfaculty Functions & Enhancements

TBA Roster (New Function)

  • New Page accessible from the main menu by selecting a section and clicking 'TBA Roster'
  • Allows instructors to assign meeting time for a student or a group of students in a section designated as a 'TBA' section
  • Instructors use 'Scheduler' for efficient and error free entry of meeting time, meeting day and duration
  • A running total of assigned meeting time is displayed and compared against the required number of TBA hours
  • Allows instructors to view previously entered meeting time for students

Census Roster (New Function)

  • You may now get a section's Census Roster from Webfaculty
  • Added as a link within the 'View Roster' page
  • Click ‘Print Census Roster’ to view and print the section’s Census Roster

Assign Grades:

  • "I.D.G Resolution" field added (New Feature)
  • This field must contain text if an "I" grade is given
  • You may now partially grade a section, but grades cannot be changed after entry
  • Help file has been updated to accommodate this new feature

Webfaculty 2.4 Features

Paperless Entry:

  • You may now submit Grades, Exclusions or Positive Attendance electronically through Webfaculty
  • You will recieve an E-signature number after logging in, and use it when submitting Grades, Exclusions or Positive Attendance
  • You no longer need to submit Grades, Exclusions or Positive Attendance paper to the admissions office

Alert Students:

  • You may now see the Early Alert Roster online
  • This function will allow you to post Early Alerts for students using the WebFaculty system

Download Menu:

  • Added 'Download Menu' button on Main Menu page
  • This button allows user to go to Download Menu page without selecting any section
  • Download Menu allows user to download to excel all or selected section(s) with a click of a button
  • Switching from one year semester to another is possible without going back to the Main Menu

Record Positive Attendance:

  • You may now partially submit the positive attendance for a section, and it can be changed after entry
  • Now you may record the Positive Attendance for non-graded classes 2 weeks prior and 30 days after the class ends
  • A timeout counter shows when the user's session will expire; and offers to renew the session upon expiration
  • If the class requires grading, the user is directed to enter Positive Attendance using the 'Assign Grades' function

Assign Grades:

  • In addition to grading, you may now enter Positive Attendance Hours for Positive Attendance classes
  • Removed the 400 student display limit
  • Students that have been dropped or excluded are displayed, but may not be graded
  • A timeout counter shows when the user's session will expire; and offers to renew the session upon expiration
  • Fixed the page submission delay for large sections

View Roster:

  • Added mass email functionality--You may now send an email to all students in your class
  • Added new 'Inactive Roster' page
  • Added IDG (Incomplete Default Grade) columns in all rosters and excel pages
  • Fixed errors in emailing students from the Class, Inactive and Standby Rosters
  • Mass Email feature is now available to send email to all students in a class

Exclude Students:

  • Added a 'Mandatory Exclusion Roster' page that allows exclusions based on 'no-shows' and 'not active as of census' conditions
  • You may now print Exclusion Rosters without excluding a student
  • Previously dropped or excluded students are displayed